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A man’s quest has always been to be successful in every endeavor he steps in. The reason to survival is defined by the challenge people face to live. I sowed the seeds back in the 70’s all set to conquer my desire to succeed. It brings me immense happiness to look at what I can reap.

The group has been an emotion to me and I can rightly say that I have seen every victory and hassle faced by it. My efforts were always diverted towards expanding along with prospering. I thank the Lord and my family for being ever supportive in every decision I had to take. I am happy to see its diverse roots tap varied lands. I have nurtured every enterprise of this group with passion and hard work. I thank every person who is and has been part of this group, and helped it to flap its wings wide in the open skies. I aim the group to prosper with its just deliverables. I extend my gratitude to the employees; the existing and the ones who left.

This group has nurtured to more than 100 employees, and aims at reaching a target of 500. I extend hearty gratitude to the investors, and every other contributory, for ever being supportive in the growth of this group. Praying for further support and wishes. 

Thank You

Shri.TR Jain, Chairman

Shri.TR Jain, Chairman

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